NFU says farmers face floods clean-up

Farmers’ representatives say they are still uncertain as to the extent of damage and losses suffered in the Borders, and that situation will not change until flood waters fully subside.

“The agricultural industry is already vulnerable at the moment without the added burden of additional costs for clearing up after these floods. Many farmers have seen waters rise to unprecedented levels and the amount of debris and rubbish left behind will take a long time to clear up,” said Kerry Barr, NFU Scotland regional manager for Lothian & Borders.

“Most of the repairs will be to damaged fencing, but again it will be hard to tell the extent until the waters have gone down.

“With heavy rain having been forecast and warnings in place, most farmers will have been able to move livestock to higher ground but, due to the extreme weather conditions, there will undoubtedly have been some losses. But it will take some time before we know the extent of the damage.”