Newtown St Boswells – a dog’s best friend

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Newtown St Boswells is barking up the right tree by becoming the first ‘Dog Friendly’ village in the Borders – and possibly even in Britain.

In an exciting initiative led by the Newtown & Eildon Community Council, Dog Friendly Newtown will be launched on Saturday (April 2) at a drop-in event where all villagers, whether they be two- or four-footed, are welcome.

Event organiser Veronica Lenartowicz said: “This is all about healthy and happy dogs within the wider community.

“Please come along, join the Green Dog Walker scheme and sign the pledge to be a good dog owner.”

Ms Lenartowicz feels that, while most owners are aware that micro-chipping is to become compulsory for all dogs, there is still a lot of confusion.

She added: “This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and get correct answers.

“Greenside Vets are offering 60% off chipping, so people can have their pet registered ahead of the April 6 deadline.’

In addition to Greenside Vets, there will be information stalls run by the Braw Puppy dog-training school, Keep Scotland Beautiful, Scottish Borders Council and more. There will also be tea and biscuits, doggie treats and a free goody bag for you and your dog.

SBC councillor Michelle Ballantyne said: “I am very pleased with the launch of Dog Friendly Newtown. SBC is fully supportive and we are taking this opportunity to introduce the Green Dog Walker scheme, which we hope will be taken up by communities right across the Borders. The time is right for dog owners and indeed dogs to take their place as a respected and responsible part of society.”

The intention is to organise future dog friendly events such as training classes, obedience contests and puppy shows.

The free, drop-in launch event for Dog Friendly Newtown is in the Community Wing, Sprouston Road, on Saturday, April 2, from 11am-2pm.