New poll shows Borders’ Nos in lead ahead of Referendum

An exclusive opinion poll commissioned for ITV Border’s political programme Representing Border, and conducted by ComRes, suggests a big majority of voters in the South of Scotland still intend to vote no in the independence referendum.

In only the second survey to focus solely on the attitudes of voters in the South of Scotland, the poll found vote share for both Yes and No increased by two per cent compared to the last poll conducted for Representing Border at the start of January this year.

Some 1,001 adults aged 16 and over in the Borders and Dumfries and Galloway council areas were polled, between June 9 and 15.

Asked the question voters will be asked on September 18 – Should Scotland be an independent country? – of those who said they were likely to vote, 26 per cent said Yes (January 24 per cent); 61 per cent said No (January 59 per cent), and 13 per cent said they didn’t know how they’d vote (January 17 per cent).

When Don’t Knows 
were excluded, 30 per cent said Yes and 70 per cent said No. In January 29 per cent said Yes and 71 per cent said No.