New call centre may have answered our question

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Following the announcement that local councils look set to write off what remains of Poll Tax debt in Scotland, to the tune of £320million, we got in touch with Scottish Borders Council to ask whether they intended to join the ranks.

There was no clear answer coming out of the council – no-one was able to tell us whether the council intended to recoup the £147,016 in arrears from Borderers, or whether it would be written off. Which is surprising, considering Scott & Co, a firm of Sheriff Officers and Messengers at Arms which specialises in debt recovery, announced the opening of the new customer response centre in Galashiels this week.

The company is employed by Scottish Borders Council to chase unpaid Council Tax arrears, and the company says the opening of Scott & Co’s third call centre is a response to increased customer demand.

Maybe we have our answer after all.

Meanwhile, ingenuity and generosity of Borderers who give of their time and money, raising vital cash for important causes, is well known.

This week, as you will see, is no exception. However, one story in particular stands out because it involves an eight-year-old boy from Morebattle who has gone through considerable mental anguish in his bid to raise cash for Mary’s Meals, which helps to feed children in poorer countries.

For Joe McGill spent his summer holidays doing some thing he hates – writing!

However, having read his blog and thoroughly enjoyed it here at TheSouthern, we would encourage Joe to keep at it ... he has the makings of a great reporter.