The new Borders Railway in numbers

The new Borders Railway which links Edinburgh and Tweedbank is opening to the public this weekend.Here is the project in numbers:

Friday, 4th September 2015, 11:44 pm

294 million - The amount in pounds which it cost to construct the line.

30 - The number of new miles of track which were laid.

7 - The number of new stations built.

1,100 - The number of people who worked on the project at its peak.

650,000 - The number of passengers the route is expected to carry in a year.

10 - The total number of stations on the route.

2 - The number of Victorian tunnels repaired during construction.

137 - The total number of bridges built (42) and refurbished (95).

100,000 - The number of sleepers (almost) laid along the route.

6,000 - The number of jobs supported by the tourism sector in the region.