Needles found in close spark concern

Trinity Street in Hawick.
Trinity Street in Hawick.

Calls have been made for a greater police presence at drug hotspots across the town after Scottish Borders Council was called to remove 12 syringes from a close at Trinity Street.

Greg McLeod, a member of Hawick Community Council, told members that a Scottish Borders Council officer was called to collect 12 syringes from Trinity Street as well as some at two different addresses in the town.

Mr Mcleod also called for a greater communications link between Scottish Borders Council and the police.

He asked PC Stephen Gibson: “Is there a link up to the police so that officers can get down there to investigate who the drug users are and to go round all the doors in that area to say that the police are aware of what’s happened and explain to the people that you are going to be watching that area?”

He added: “I mean making people aware that this area is being watched and saying to them that if you see anything unusual then please report it to us.

“There needs to be something so that you are actually speaking to neighbours, neighbours who are maybe concerned or too scared to say anything.”

However, PC Gibson responded: “Littering is a council issue not a police issue.

“You can’t just go knocking on doors and start accusing people.”

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said: “Reports of needle finds that Scottish Borders Council is made aware of are highlighted to the Scottish Borders Safer Communities team situated at the council’s headquarters, which includes Police Scotland and Scottish Borders Council officers.

“The council has a policy on needle finds which our staff adhere to.”

They also said that there have been no increase in the number of syringes found in Hawick in the last year.