Neave and Irvine at Hawick Music Live

Hawick Music Live! and Classical Musicians Scotland are presenting two of Scotland’s finest musicians.

Guitarist Allan Neave and cellist Robert Irvine will play at the Heart of Hawick on Sunday, February 23, at 2.30pm.

Allan, one of the foremost classical guitarists of his generation, has worked with many influential musicians, including Edward McGuire, and Stephen Dodgson. Robert, an outstanding cellist, has previously delighted Hawick Music Live! with exceptional playing.

Their repertoire will range from the stately baroque to the fiery passion of Spain and will include works by Vivaldi, Massenet’s ‘Elegy’ and Pablo Cassals’ ‘Song of the Birds’.

Robert will perform movements from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cello Suite no.1, while Allen will demonstrate his guitar skills in a solo by the South American composer Antonio Lauro.

Anyone interested in guitar or cello, this is the concert to attend as Allan and Robert will lift these instruments to new heights of excellence and virtuosity. Tickets £10, students £2, from 01450 360688.