Nationalists’ spurious claims

The SNP has again resorted to smoke and mirrors to deflect attention away from their own failings.

I refer to the letter in last week’s Southern by Alex Orr, the SNP’s most prolific newspaper letter writer and vociferous mouthpiece.

In it he castigates Prime Minister David Cameron and the Tories for not holding the EU in-out referendum for another four years, stating that this will cause a destabilising uncertainty for Scotland’s industry.

Would this be the same SNP whose sole aim is to become independent from the rest of the UK, who have shouted about doing so for more than 40 years and, when now in government and with the ability to put an independence referendum to the people of Scotland, put off any such referendum for more than two years when they could have held one within months of coming to power?

Isn’t that doing exactly the same as David Cameron, causing uncertainty in industry as nobody knows whether they’ll be using pounds or euros after the referendum or what rules and regulations will apply.

Or is it to give the SNP time to try and hoodwink the Scottish public by continually coming up with even more of their spurious claims about how Scotland will be better outside the UK, but without giving us any details and telling us how?

But the SNP would never lie to the people of Scotland – would they?

Alistair Martin