National focus on a war memorial fund

As we approach another Remembrance Sunday the number of people alive in Britain who have experienced a world at war has, naturally, lessened.

We must turn our attention to that part of our heritage around which our sentiments at this time of year are focused – war memorials.

Most war memorials have been with us for around 90 years and in many cases the cracks, quite literally, are starting to show.

My suggestion for a way forward is the creation of a National War Memorial Restoration Fund, money from central government (i.e. we the taxpayers) being made available to local authorities to spend specifically on war memorial maintenance and improvement.

To be successful the public needs to make an easy link with such a campaign and history has provided us with a golden opportunity to do just that. The 100th anniversary of the First World War will be upon us in August 2014 and will culminate in the centenary of the armistice in November 2018 – a relevant deadline by which such an effort could come to fruition. However, planning and decision-making needs to get under way now.

A growing number of individual projects are gathering pace, but as a nation we have the chance to influence how many of our towns and villages actually look for years to come.

Please visit my website,, for details of my idea and sign my e-petition.

Ray Thompson