Naked rambler case exposes authorities’ sexist attitudes

Scots should be ashamed of the way Stephen Gough, the “Naked Rambler”, has been treated.

Stephen and his girlfriend walked the length of England without harrassment from the police. Only on getting to the Borders was he arrested, dragged to Selkirk Sheriff Court and imprisoned. On and off since 2005, he has been in prison in Scotland at a cost of well over £500,000. As a taxpayer I am incensed that public money is being wasted by the police, procurators fiscal and courts in this manner. They clearly have nothing more important to do with their time or our money.

Nominally, at least, we are a Christian country and are supposed to believe that man was created in God’s own image. If our leaders in the Scottish Parliament are Christian they should decriminalise nudity. If they are not Christian they should remove all vestiges of superstition from public life, for example, swearing on the Bible in court and the royal ciphers with their logo “Dieu at mon droit” (God and my right).

In these times of austerity, we can ill afford to have public servants wasting vast amounts of money on pointless activities.

I cannot believe that a naked women rambler would have been treated in this way. The whole sordid affair stinks of a sexist attitude by the authorities in Scotland.

Alastair Lings

Tweed Road