Munro licence

I read with interest the front page article regarding the removal of Munro’s of Jedburgh’s licence to operate bus services (January 17).

The Traffic Commissioner obviously sees the matter of licences as very serious. Surely Mr Farish, who by his own admission, has over 40 years experience in the industry, should have known that what he did wrong.

Munro’s have appealed against the decision, and have applied for a new licence to start on April 1, the day after their existing licence is revoked. Surely the Commissioner would not grant a new licence just because the other partner applied. Presumably this other partner is equally involved in the running of the business.

Mr Farish states that there will be “no changes to services”. That’s a great pity. At present Munro’s buses are cold, of bad appearance and quite obviously in need of some serious maintainance. In fact, the whole organisation seems to be in decline.

I was also amazed to read that SBC executive member for transport is wanting to keep Munro’s in place. He must be the only one. Presumably his constituents do not live in the Jedburgh/Kelso area or on any of the points north that Munros serve with a totally unreliable service.

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