Mums and ‘gannie’s – smarter than you think

News 28/02/08''Christine Grahame SNP MSP
News 28/02/08''Christine Grahame SNP MSP
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TSB returns

I can remember, oh, yonks ago, my late mum railing about the privatisation, sale, of TSB.

She was a saver with them and refused to take shares. She said it was no good would come of it. How right she was.

She was a real stay-at-home mum bringing up the five of us, our ages spread over 16 years. We pretty well took her for granted then and didn’t rate her as being worldly wise as she as always up to her elbows in cooking and cleaning. But you know what? She was so right about so much.

This week we see the return of the TSB in Galashiels. It’s not quite the same but I think mum would have felt vindicated.


I like trees and have a couple or so in my garden. The Norwegian maple is at the front. I also have a weeping birch which I was busy planting the day my mother died, so it has special importance.

My neighbour has a huge and rather dominating holly tree.It is the domestic address of some 40 sparrows, three thrushes, the odd blue tit and the occasional starling; a haven from predatory magpies and cats.

This would be classed as a prime residential location on Escape to the Country. Why am I telling you this?

It brings me to the Scottish Government’s consultation on whether we should have a national tree and if so what should it be?

The link is on my Facebook pages. Me, personally? No doubt, the rowan. Bonny in spring with its scented blossoms and just dandy now draped with fat juicy brilliant red berries. Food for the eyes and the birds. Nothing to beat it. But you might think otherwise. I hope you will vote.


We are, as someone once said, a grandmother, or in my case, “Gannie”, just as “sautie” is sausage.

Isla (grand-daughter aged two going on 14), however, can say “Cat” and “Bossie” and “Newt” (my cats) with crystal clarity.

I have taught her how to interact without running up and scaring the pants off them. This was achieved by feeding them with their favourite cat nibbles overcoming their understandable caution with a toddler.

I have to confess that when her parents came rushing through anxiously because she had sampled one herself and were all set for A & E, my remark that at least she was wormed didn’t go down too well. Anyway A & E was ditched and I have to say her hair is much shinier.

Why tell you this? Well, to demonstrate that there is life outside politics and that Gannie is relearning to have eyes in the back of her head. Quite useful for a politician.