Muck and money is the right mix

Where there’s muck there’s money, the saying goes, and there’s plenty of muck on stretches of the A7 at the moment.

But let’s not forget that there’s money too. Restoring a major stretch of the former Waverley Line from the capital to Tweedbank is a multi-multi-million pound project. It is a major investment, spearheaded by the Scottish Government, backed by the local council, and brought about by the dogged determination of campaigners who believe the Borders must no longer be the only mainland region in Scotland without a rail service.

In its current construction phase, it is providing welcome work for a variety of local contractors and putting much-needed cash into the pay packets of workers – workers badly hit by the recession and the meltdown of the construction industry.

There is clear evidence of major new housing schemes along the northern section of the line, close to the new stations. This must surely spark a revival of new-build housing in the central Borders.

The number of drivers being employed may be small in comparison to main line routes – but they are local and the wages are well above the norm for this area.

There must be sympathy, of course, for those living along this construction route and for those inconvenienced by the mud and the muck on the A7.

But let’s keep it in context.