MSP was on board case for city bus service

I don’t know from where Mr McKay (letters, March 3) draws his conclusions about Jeremy Purvis’s involvement with First buses, but let me assure him that I have copies of correspondence between Mr Purvis, First buses and traffic commissioner Joan Aitken stretching over nearly a year on the issue he mentions – the return of the service to Edinburgh bus station.

These are too lengthy to quote in full, but a quick quote will suffice from a letter dated June 24, 2010: “Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale MSP Jeremy Purvis has, for a number of months, pursued the concerns that many constituents have brought to him on the termination of services at Waterloo Place rather than the bus station.”

In fact, before this issue, Jeremy and Christine Grahame MSP were involved when we tried to persuade the company to extend the late night service from Edinburgh through to Hawick – at the time this was not successful but, thanks to recent bus forums in Borders towns, this might happen soon.

M. D. Taylor

Ettrick Terrace