MSP right about sectarianism not being confined to football

The attack on John Lamont MSP in last week’s Southern in regard to sectarianism is misguided.

He is correct when saying that it is more widespread than just football and it would be no consolation to the electorate to have him replaced as his party’s justice spokesman by someone who is just a dogsbody to those who believe that segregation and racism can be just legislated for. A cancer cannot be cured by an aspirin, but needs to be surgically removed from the body.

Mr Lamont appears to be the only MSP so far to have recognised that. Legislation can only to a degree stop people’s expression of sectarianism, but does nothing to stop the hatred and violence felt by those harbouring those same feelings – continued suppression of such feelings tend to have the reverse effect.

Perhaps it is time for Scottish parliamentarians to examine pre-Second World War years that led to the Nazi regime.

Perhaps if legislation restricted itself to actual assault then the people would have a verbal outlet to rid themselves of their feelings and maybe it would create some satisfaction of having freedom of speech. Doing community work for the objects of their hatred might be of better effect – at least it can be no worse than other proposals.

Mrs A. G. Allan

(community councillor)

Glenburn Avenue

Newtown St Boswells