MSP claims town improvements hinder the disabled

John Lamont
John Lamont

JOHN LAMONT has said town centre improvements in Kelso have actually made it harder for disabled people to get around, and has written to SBC for answers.

He said several constituents had contacted him to complain, adding: “With dropped kerbs not matching on roads, and many shops difficult to get into, getting around Kelso as a disabled or elderly person can be very difficult.

“We need a swift response from the council to improve disabled access.”

An SBC spokesman responded: “The Kelso town centre streetscape works have been developed with the Kelso Stakeholder Group which includes representatives from the local community, including a representative of those with disabilities.”

He added: “It is understood that whilst the works are ongoing access in the town centre will be more difficult. On completion however it is considered that there will be as significant improvement in disabled access.”

The council are in the process of providing new crossing points, more disabled car parking spaces, widening footways and improving the walking surface around the town.