MP is highly respected

David Williamson has jumped several fences all at once in order to arrive at his contention that the Tories and SNP are in a two-horse race in the Borders (letters, January 22).

He neglects to mention the leading role that the highly-respected Michael Moore MP played during the past five years.

When an independence referendum became inevitable following the 2010 Holyrood elections, it was Mr Moore who led negotiations about the format of the vote with a calm understanding which far better reflected the pragmatic view of his Borders constituents – and the majority of Scots – than either Alex Salmond’s bluster or the Tory party’s arrogance.

And during the referendum campaign, it was Mr Moore who held countless public meetings where people could air their views and ask their questions. Where on earth was the Tory party then?

Trusted by his constituents, Mr Moore led the field in our response to the referendum, at the same time serving as a highly-effective Member of the Westminster parliament.

The also-rans were way behind him.

Mary R. Lindsay

Mayfield Gardens