Moving with the times

I welcome Mrs A. G. Allan’s continuing interest in same-sex marriage (letters, January 17).

In 1578, 13 male couples were married in the Pope’s parish church, St John Lateran.

During the ceremony they took “communion together, using the same nuptial scripture, after which they slept and ate together”. Many other examples are given in “The Marriage of Likeness: Same Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe” by John Boswell (1995).

At a time of collapsing congregations in churches, I doubt if religious institutions would welcome a schism over same-sex marriage. These institutions need to move with the times, or they will perish.

I explained in my letter of January 10 why sodomy is irrelevant to the debate on same-sex marriage. I would be very surprised if anyone’s marriage vows made reference to that particular practice.

The Scottish Government’s determination to end discrimination is laudable, and has massive support. I can’t imagine any half-decent deity destroying Scotland in the manner of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Alastair Lings

Tweed Road