Mounting praise for Borderers

As usual TheSouthern came up trumps in the way it covered Peebles Beltane.

The wonderful photographs always have that different quality about them – the Selkirk Common Riding ones had so much atmosphere about them.

I loved the story on Ian Stark – how much I remember him as a cheeky little scamp that used to run about Ladhope stables in Galashiels so long ago. Ian had what we call the gift. He could sit on any horse and, let’s face it, if it was not for Willie Boyle giving him all those different horses to ride, where would he have got the experience.

If you read Ian’s book, “The Flying Scot”, you will see that the Cranstons and the late George Rodgerson gave Ian good horses to ride – but the talent was there. How proud we have all been of Ian through the years. How we sat on the edge of our seats and watched him at five Olympics.

Now we wish Scott Brash all the best following his selection for the Team GB showjumping squad, but let us not forget the backroom staff who have made the dream come true for these very talented young men.

Ian is now famous throughout the world and he has made the Borders proud. Long may he do so.

Mrs V. S. Smith

Old Town