Mountain rescue behind the scenes

TWEED Valley Mountain Rescue Team (TVMRT) is holding a special evening in Peebles’ MacFarlane Hall on Tuesday to raise money in memory of former team leader Stuart Ruffell.

The behind-the-scenes look at the team is to raise money to erect a memorial to Mr Ruffell who was also a member of the Search and Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) .

Son Mark said: “Dad was really dedicated. When he got a call he would always try to find someone to cover for him at work. He loved the outdoors, climbing and walking in the hills, and he always liked helping people.”

Mr Ruffell, who had two Spar shops in Peebles, has passed on his attributes to his sons as painter and decorator Mark joined the team two years ago and younger brother Steven, a tree surgeon, is applying to TVMRT.

Mark said: “It’s great how much folk have gone out of their way to do something to remember him. To us he was just Dad, but to them he must have been a good friend and colleague for them to do this.”

Speakers will give presentations on the team’s history, its links with Iceland, Everest Base Camp and SARDA, and there will be a chance to look at the team’s equipment. Doors open at 7.30pm for the 8-10pm evening.