Motorist’s dispute with hauliers over roof damage

The damage to the roof of Joe Brownlie's car
The damage to the roof of Joe Brownlie's car

AN offshore worker had a noisy and costly shock on his journey home to Galashiels from Aberdeen in October.

And two months later he is still in dispute with NWH, the firm off whose lorry, he claims, a stone caused nearly £2,000 car roof damage.

As catering worker Joe Brownlie drove behind two trucks, one passing the other, on the A7 near Gorebridge, he heard “an almighty bang”.

Thinking a tyre had blown, he pulled into the side of the road. But there was no tyre damage. As he drove into Galashiels his rear passenger roof light fell down, but it wasn’t until he got home he saw the car roof. “That’s when it all started to click,” he told us. He reported it to police, but says Dalkeith-based hauliers NWH, who are working on the Borders rail project, claim they are unable to identify the offending lorry.

“The next incident could be fatal,” said Mr Brownlie, who has written to Network Rail and Borders MP Michael Moore.

NWH’s Lisa Boyd said: “As this is an ongoing insurance case we are not at liberty to comment.

“It is our insurer’s policy to investigate and defend claims or accept liability based on the information provided. NWH are working with other businesses and the police on the safe and efficient delivery of services on this local project to ensure as little disruption as possible.”