More questions than answers

I can only respond with great concern that Scottish Borders Council (SBC) officials, apparently supported by council leader David Parker, are defending council officers, paid at public expense, who do not reply to legitimate requests for information on time or within legal deadlines.

All local authorities and public bodies have disciplinary rules which require management to ensure that those working for them work in accordance with legal and service requirements.

As reported in this paper recently, SBC senior management granted themselves considerable pay rises.

What are they (senior management) doing to ensure thatfreedom of information and legitimate requests from elected councillors are answered on time and accurately? If the answer is nothing, then why are they in these management positions?

In the run-up to the local authority elections next year, councillors should ensure paid officials sharpen up. If they are not answering councillors, what sort of service are they supplying to the general public?

James P. Terras

Croft Terrace