Missing Melrose cat hitched lift to Asda

Siamese cat called Mali
Siamese cat called Mali

A Melrose family is worried about its missing cat after she apparently stowed away in a neighbour’s car and jumped out at a car park in Galashiels.

Mali’s owner, Jon Bowie, and his three children, are desperate to track down the Siamese cat, which they last saw at their home in Melrose on Monday, March 9.

“Cats often wander off, so we weren’t too worried to begin with. But after a few days with no sign of her, we became concerned,” Mr Bowie told us.

“The kids and I started knocking on some neighbours’ doors and it turned out, my next-door neighbour’s daughter had been visiting, then drove to Asda in Galashiels.

“It seems when she pulled up, a cat matching Mali’s description shot out from under the car and into the car park.”

And Mr Bowie says this is not the first time Mali has hitched a lift: “When she lived with a previous owner in Aberdeen, she did exactly the same – went under the car, climbed into the nice warm engine compartment and, next thing, ended up in Tesco.

“On another occasion, she stole into a van and ended up in Stonehaven. Mali will have been terrified by the journey and to have ended up in a busy strange car park.

“I’m sure someone must have seen her and maybe even taken her in. I went over to the car park to look for her but obviously she was long gone by then.”

Mali’s description has now been circulated to local vets and pet rescues, as well as being shared on numerous Facebook pages.

And Mr Bowie added: “We would be very grateful for any help from readers of The Southern, as the kids and I are distraught with worry.”