Minister visit to NHS Borders

SBBN-24-09-15 Minister visit to NHS BOrders mental healthSBBN-24-09-15 Minister visit to NHS BOrders mental health
SBBN-24-09-15 Minister visit to NHS BOrders mental health
Last week, NHS Borders welcomed Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health to Melburn Lodge, one of NHS Borders adult mental health wards. He was greeted by Melburn Lodge staff, NHS Borders chairman and chief executive.

Melburn Lodge provides 24 hour hospital care for older adults with dementia. Patients in Melburn Lodge receive ongoing assessment and treatment for their individual needs.

Mr Hepburn’s visit gave NHS Borders staff the opportunity to share local initiatives and best practices that have been introduced to improve support, care and treatment for people who are living with dementia in the Borders.

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Christine Proudfoot, Senior Charge Nurse in Melburn Lodge said: “Staff, patients and relatives in Melburn Lodge were very pleased to meet Mr Hepburn. They were able to highlight the refreshed philosophy of providing people with dementia the opportunity to be included in community life and meaningful activities. Some of the recent activities in Melburn Lodge include; Playlists for Life, enabling relatives and friends to create a list of songs and tracks which are meaningful and significant to the person with dementia, and community links with local schools, in particular the 1960s themed art work from Melrose Primary School.

Mr Hepburn said: “The Scottish Government is committed to driving up standards of care in specialist mental health dementia settings. There’s a lot of excellent work going on around the country, and Melburn Lodge is a good example of that. I was very pleased to be able to meet with staff and patients, and find out about some of the ways they are helping to improve lives.”

John Raine, Chairman of NHS Borders said: “I am pleased Mr Hepburn took the opportunity to visit Melburn Lodge to see firsthand what matters to our patients and our staff. We hope Mr Hepburn enjoyed his visit and would be delighted to show him more of our locations throughout the Borders in the near future.”