Meteoric moment as science comes alive in Jedburgh

Comet making demonstration
Comet making demonstration

MAKING rockets will be one of the astronomy activities taking place near Jedburgh next month.

Scottish Borders Council’s (SBC) Museums and Galleries Service has organised rocket-making and a ‘starlab planetarium’ to tie-in with the ‘Jedburgh through the Lens’ exhibition at the town’s Castle Jail.

Royal Observatory Edinburgh staff will bring an inflatable Starlab Planetarium to Ancrum Village Hall on Tuesday October 4 between 7 and 9.30pm.

A SBC spokesperson said: “It should be a fantastic evening for all ages – giving visitors the chance to come inside the planetarium and marvel at the night sky projected onto the giant dome-tent, while staff guide them around a whole year’s worth of stargazing.”

On the afternoon of Wednesday, October 12, there will be astronomy-related activities at Jedburgh Castle Jail when visitors can make their own rocket and launch it and see how high it will go.

There will also be comet-making demonstrations and information on how studying comets and other objects can help astronomers discover how the solar system formed. And visitors will also be able to touch a rock from space.

Meanwhile, the Jedburgh through the Lens exhibition features pieces relevant to three generations of the Veitch family from Inchbonny, just outside Jedburgh.

Father James Veitch and his son William were both interested in astronomy and made telescopes and other optical instruments – some of which are on display at the jail. The Veitch workshop attracted men with similar interests and one visitor was the young David Brewster who went on to invent the kaleidoscope.