Mental health network to spend £500 cash award online forum

A GALASHIELS-based support network for adults with mental health issues has been awarded £500 from Community Voices – a one-year UK-wide project which aims to inspire, engage and empower communities who feel disadvantaged with the confidence, skills, and access to resources that will enable them to make a meaningful difference to their lives using digital media.

New Horizons Borders (NHB) is a user-led network of peer support for adults with mental health issues, many of whom face severe social isolation due to their mental health problems and the rurality of the Borders.

The charity aims to use the £500 to set up an online forum where members can offer support to each other outside of drop-in times, which will be especially helpful to those who live in the more rural parts of the region or who feel too ill to leave their homes.

Lisa Archibald from NHB explained: “We want to set up the online forum to provide a place where our members can offer support to each other outside of drop-in times. We hope this will lead to less social isolation and will enable people to feel there is support there when they need it, even if they cannot leave their home.”