Melrose group’s 40 years of fundraising

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The Melrose Branch of Arthritis Research UK celebrated its 40th birthday at a coffee morning in the Corn Exchange, Melrose.

The hall was heaving with people who wanted to wish the committee well and together they swelled the funds by more than £650.

The charity’s chief executive, Dr Liam O’Toole, sent a letter of congratulation which stated: “I have heard about the generous support we’re receiving from the Melrose branch and I wanted to thank you all personally for your commitment and dedication to our cause.

“Worthy of particular praise is the concept of the Borders October Challenge, which is growing year on year.

“You are to be congratulated on the dynamism which drives this initiative, continually developing its potential.”

Tefor Davies, branch chairman, told the packed house: “Medac GMBH has agreed to be sponsors for the October Borders Challenge 2015. Medac is the manufacturer of Methotrexate.

“This drug is used to treat auto-immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

“Thanks to this sponsorship we can remit most of the sums raised by the kind folk of the Borders direct for use in research without having to deduct expenses.”

He presented thank you certificates to Kayley Heard and her support team. At the age of 10, Kayley completed a sponsored walk down Dere Street to Woodside Nurseries last month. Last year, on a similar, shorter walk, she raised almost £1,000.

William Windram, provost of Melrose, performed the duties of cutting the birthday cake provided by the George and Abbotsford Hotel, and going on to draw the raffle.

He congratulated the branch on reaching such a milestone while still going strong.

Can you help the branch to raise much needed funds to support research?

For more information, please contact the branch secretary on 0845 602 3921 or email:

You could be part of the Borders Challenge wherever you are.