Medics face abuse and violence at Borders addresses

A total of 19 addresses in the Borders have been flagged up to ambulance staff warning them that they could be at risk of abuse or violence when they are called out.

Saturday, 11th January 2014, 3:00 pm
Nineteen Borders addresses have been flagged up to ambulance staff as being where they may find a hostile reception

Despite the number recorded in this region being much lower than in other parts of the country, Borders MSP John Lamont has condemned any violence shown towards ambulance crews and called for more to be done to promote respect for emergency service staff.

Mr Lamont said: “It is abhorrent to think that anyone would threaten or be violent towards a member of our emergency service staff.

“Ambulance crews help save thousands of lives each and every year, and for someone to show them anything but the upmost respect is totally unacceptable.”

Mr Lamont added: “If an ambulance has been called out to an address it is in order to help those who are in need of immediate medical attention, so it beggars belief that someone would try and get between them and their duty.

“Their job is dangerous enough as it is without being threatened by those who they are trying to help.”

He went on: “Those who have behaved violently towards paramedics need to learn that behaviour like that will not be tolerated.”