Martinu’s challenge for Clef Club

THE next meeting of Galashiels Clef Club will take place on Saturday, March 9 at 7.30pm at the Lucy Sanderson Hall, off Tweed Crescent.

The programme includes a sonata for recorder and piano by J.C. Schickhardt, a rare appearance by a cello group and a challenging sonata for flute and piano by Martinu, as well as Debussy for solo piano and piano duets.

All these pieces are performed by talented local amateur performers for a small, friendly audience of fellow members.

This month’s meeting is open to the residents of the Lucy Sanderson community, who are welcome to come along for a free evening of music and refreshments as guests of the Clef Club.

If you can play or sing in front of an audience, becoming a member of the Clef Club is inexpensive and will help support the local music community. With only two more meetings until the summer break, Saturday’s event is a good opportunity to come along as a free, no-obligation guest.

If you are interested, please contact Elizabeth Fraser on 01896 752375 or visit