Marking the battle of Ancrum Moor

It was most pleasing to see a picture of a re-enactment of the 1645 Battle of Philiphaugh topping the Historic Scotland website announcing the issue of a list of the 17 most important battle sites in Scotland.

A visual presentation has been recently erected by Sir F. M. Strang Steel near the entrance to the salmon viewing centre at Philiphaugh which now gives a good description of the action which took place there.

The only other monument is a stone cairn in the woods erected by and for the victorious covenanters.

The other Borders battlefield identified was Ancrum Moor 1545. This site lies near Lilliardsedge close to the A68 trunk road. As far as I can find out there is little or no evidence or marker to describe this important site.

Now these sites have been given some of the important recognition they deserve, let us look forward to the erection of a visual presentation for Ancrum Moor battlefield and a much-needed incorporation of both sites into the tourism circuit presented for the Borders.

Derek Philips

Leyden Park