Margaret Kerr Unit appeal in push for final £100,000

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THE appeal to raise the final £1million to build the Borders first hospice reached £900,000 this week thanks to a cheque for £26,500 from the Order of St John.

Work continues on the palliative care unit named after nurse Margaret Kerr who left more than £500,000 in her 2009 will to create the unit.

Fundraising manager Clare Oliver said: “It’s fabulous! This £26,500 takes us into the final £100,000 of that final million. We are really grateful for their support.”

Fundraising has gained momentum recently as final totals are gathered in from summer events, said Ms Oliver.

Concerning the appeal’s success, Ms Oliver said: “It’s testimony to the Borders community, but also to the care the palliative care team give to their patients. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of gifts from those who have been recently bereaved and that speaks volumes. The unit will not help their loved ones, but they benefited from the palliative care.”

Next up is the Advent Ball in Kelso on December 1. The ball’s auction is open to bids online.

“It would be fantastic if at the end of that we had reached the total,” said Ms Oliver.

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