Man threatened to knock teen sister out

Jedburgh Sheriff Court
Jedburgh Sheriff Court

A man has been remanded in custody after admitting assaulting his teenage sister during a disturbance at their Galashiels home, then getting involved in a violent confrontation with police officers.

Michael Brown, 23, appeared from custody at Jedburgh Sheriff Court to plead guilty to three offences committed last Thursday and Friday.

He admitted threatening or abusive behaviour by shouting and swearing, making abusive and offensive comments and threatening his sister with violence before pushing her onto a couch and twisting her arm and scratching it.

Brown also admitted struggling violently with police constables at the Borders General Hospital in Melrose.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser explained that Brown had only just been recently released from prison and had been staying with his parents at their house in Larch Grove.

His younger sister found him asleep in her bed as she was just about to go out to work as a waitress, but Brown lost his temper after she woke him up.

He insisted on her making him a cup of tea and called her a slag and an idiot.

Mr Fraser said: “She went for a bath to get ready for work and then he started banging on the door saying he wanted a bath.

“The sister phoned her mother so she could hear what the accused was shouting.

“He wanted into the living room and he said he would knock her out with one punch and threatened to batter her.

“He was pulling her hair and then twisted and scratched her arm and then damaged some glass ornaments.

“The mother was still listening in the background and could hear her saying to call the police and her father.

“The girl could be heard saying ‘stop battering me’ and ‘stop hitting me’.

“The police were called to the scene, and the front door was locked. The police got in, and by then, the accused was on the balcony trying to get out.

“He was apprehended and still shouting and swearing, and he was shouting at the sister ‘look at what you have f***ing done’.”

Brown was taken to Hawick police station, then started complaining that he was suffering from chest pains.

The fiscal said he was taken by ambulance from there to hospital and said he would do anything not to get locked up in the cells.

He added that it was 1am by then, the incident having started at 2pm the previous day.

Brown was deemed fit for release but started to “kick off” when police officers tried to put him into the back of the police van, said the fiscal.

During that struggle, he tried to grab the batons of the officers and was shouting and swearing at them. Other officers attended, and eventually he was forced into the van.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick claimed the incident had started when Brown’s sister burst into her room and started shouting at him.

He added: “The assault came about because she had a mobile phone he was trying to retrieve.”

Brown had no bail address to offer, so he was remanded in custody until Monday, November 20, for the preparation of pre-sentence reports.