Man spat at police sergeant during six-hour stand-off in Galashiels

Police in Hawthorn Road, Galashiels, during the six-hour stand-off.
Police in Hawthorn Road, Galashiels, during the six-hour stand-off.

A man responsible for smashing the windows of a neighbour’s house and making threats to him before being involved in a six-hour stand-off with police has been spared a prison sentence.

Simon Hadden, 40, pleaded guilty to committing three offences in his home street of Hawthorn Road, Galashiels, last July.

He admitted breaking two windows at a house, behaving in an aggressive manner, shouting and swearing and making threats towards his neighbour.

Hadden also behaved in a threatening or abusive manner, shouted and swore at police and others, repeatedly uttering threats to officers and refusing to come out of his house when requested to do so by the police.

He was found guilty after a trial at Selkirk Sheriff Court of spitting at a police sergeant.

Defence lawyer Ross Dow told Jedburgh Sheriff Court the offence happened at a time when his client was drinking too much after a long-term relationship had broken down.

He described how Hadden had strong views regarding his neighbour but accepted that the court would not tolerate any vigilante action.

Mr Dow said the neighbour in question is now remanded in custody relating to charges of dealing drugs that allegedly hospitalised four or five people.

He alleged the house next door was being used as a drugs den, with syringes left lying around.

Mr Dow said: “He was at the end of his tether as far as the neighbour was concerned, and this all came to the surface.”

He added that during the stand-off with police Hadden was so intoxicated he fell asleep at one stage.

Mr Dow pointed out that there had been no further offending and, as the neighbour’s house is now boarded up, it seems unlikely he will be returning there.

Sheriff John Cook said a significant amount of police resources had been tied up by the incident.

He pointed out that a custodial sentence was an option but instead imposed a community payback order involving 110 hours’ unpaid work.

Hadden was also put on a three-month night-time curfew keeping him in his home between the hours of 7pm and 7am and ordered to pay £300 compensation to the police sergeant he spat at.