Making decisions on dilemmas

I am working on a new Channel 4 television series which we are currently making at The Garden Productions about real-life dilemmas and discussions.

We are looking for real people who have a decision to make. Whether this dilemma is about relationships, family, health or finances, we really would like to hear from them.

For one week a group of people, who represent a varied mix of the UK population, will try and help them work through a dilemma and offer their advice through there own experiences.

Examples could be the following:

z Neighbourhood disputes;

z Should I go for IVF or adopt?

z Should I give my business up or not?

z A marriage or a divorce;

z A pregnancy;

z Living arrangements;

z Struggling to discipline a teen;

z Any other major issues.

If anyone is interested in finding out more or would like to put someone else forward, please contact or phone 0203 465 9073.

Brigid McFall

The Garden Productions

Borough High Street