Making a mockery of us

As a Yes voter in the upcoming referendum, I had thought that the No campaign was starting to lose ground – but I hadn’t realised to what level it had sunk.

I am referring to a leaflet that came through my door from John Lamont, our Tory MSP, answering questions from “real people” about referendum issues. The questions were accompanied by a supposed reasoning from a concerned family, Rachel and Billy, for voting No.

I didn’t think much about this until I read an article about the background to this leaflet. These have been distributed widely by the Tories, each supposedly from different MP or MSPs, each and every one of them being a copy-and-paste job. The questions are identical, as are the answers, all appearing to come from different people in the appropriate constituencies.

Even the concerned families – Rachel and Billy from John Lamont’s constituency, Keith and Michelle from David Mundell’s, and even Alexander and Lavinia from Alexander Burnett’s in Deeside – said the same, word for word.

This is the sort of made-up spiel we would expect from spam marketers. For the Tory party to be using this method to try and gain No votes is making a mockery of the referendum and the voters of Scotland they seem to think will fall for it. I’m sure we are not that stupid.

Those in doubt should look at This is, admittedly, a pro-Yes community, but the facts shown speak for themselves.

Joan Edington

Magdala Terrace