Losing our beautiful Borders

When we came to live in the Borders in 1996 we would often see loads of rabbits in the field opposite the cottage.

Then along came the “experts”, putting down poisons and closing holes. Since then we have rarely seen any rabbits in the vicinity.

In nearby woods grey squirrels could often be seen scampering around and climbing trees. Then along came the “experts” again, putting down cages and trapping them. The extermination of the greys began seemingly to save the live of the red squirrels. Mustn’t spread killer diseases, you see.

Deer could be regularly seen crossing local fields, or emerging from woods. For some time now we haven’t seen any.

Well, venison is growing more and more popular, and there are apparently growing numbers of poachers in the area. Up in the Highlands, too, it will soon be a rare sight to see deer in their natural environment, only on deer farms – so the “experts” predict.

Across the country badgers are being culled because the “experts” say they are spreading TB among cattle. No matter that another band of “experts” say this is not so and an alternative cure could be found.

Where is it all going to end? Will cattle, sheep and pigs be next on the hit list? Will it be found that they alone cause cancer in human beings (In a sense I go along with this theory).

The beauty of our countryside, with its natural wildlife, is gradually disappearing, and that which so attracted tourists to visit Scotland in particular may soon be gone forever.

Jean Cunningham