Lorry hit woman in back

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A Selkirk woman was clipped by an articulated lorry as she stood on a pavement on Friday – just across from where a poll was being taken on the issue of a town bypass.

Fortunately, Kerrie Renwick escaped without serious injury, but her back and shoulder were left bruised after the incident.

Kerrie, who works for Border Caring Services, was on a shopping trip with her husband Mark, niece Brooke, 7, and seven-year-old son Deacon, when the lorry, heading south on the A7, mounted the pavement and sent Kerrie flying.

She said: “I could feel the lorry coming up behind me on my right, and it hit me on my back.

“My husband was screaming at the lorry driver, but he just took off.

“I don’t know if he saw me or not but he was looking towards me in his mirrors as I was sitting on the floor.”

Dr Lindsay Neil of the Selkirk Regeneration Company, who was conducting the poll to see how many Selkirk folk wanted a bypass (see right), took a note of the lorry’s registration number and gave it to Mark.

Kerrie said: “I went into the shop and signed up in favour for the bypass ... if that can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.”

And Dr Neil said: “While I was sitting in the shop. the woman was hit by the lorry while she was walking on the pavement.

“This is exactly the kind of incident that makes a Selkirk bypass so desperately needed, and why we are campaigning for it to happen.”

The police were informed of the incident and a spokesman for Police Scotland said their enquiries were ongoing.