Locals fear for safety in own streets

A FIFTH of Borderers who responded to an annual household survey said they felt unsafe walking alone in their local area after dark.

And a third who had witnessed or been victims of anti-social behaviour had not reported it due to a fear of repercussions.

The statistics are contained in the council’s 2013 household survey results.

In the Hawick area, almost a third of respondents said they did not feel safe in the streets at night, significantly higher than in the Peebles area, where it was just 14 per cent.

A quarter of respondents from the Hawick council wards also said they had witnessed or experienced anti-social behaviour.

In total, 6,000 households received the survey in April, with residents’ views on a variety of issues being sought, from life in the Borders to the quality of council services, and the performance of the police, to their own financial well-being.

More than a third responded to the survey, which was carried out by Research Resources on behalf of the council.