Local authority expenditure and value for money

I have received confirmation from Scottish Borders Council of council tax and water service charges for the year ahead – in this instance rather a lot for an ageing couple resident in a smallish house.

Neither of us are in education, use local libraries or indeed make many demands on the increasingly-complicated environmental services in the area.

On the other hand, we do travel regularly and extensively around the Borders on foot, by bicycle or motor vehicle on the generally-crumbling, potholed and poorly-lit roads – few if any of which appear fit for purpose.

Some might ponder questions relating to value for money in all of this.

However, I’d much prefer to imagine that the regular flow of newsletters, updates and bullish statements from our esteemed council extolling the virtues of excellence and prudence in, er, our esteemed council may indeed be accurate – and the veritable shedloads of money saved from the (lack of) roads maintenance budget might possibly be allocated towards the provision of a proper range of half-decent sports facilities worthy of the name, if not the area.

Ron Sutherland

Millwell Park