Little Englanders fail to see small can be beautiful

The letters from Robin Cross and Hugh Lovatt, published last week, reflect the increasingly bizarre and technical arguments used by Unionists in the independence debate.

One seems to say that a progressive energy policy based on renewables would be the downfall of an independent Scotland, and the other that independence will not work because we will no longer be able to have solar panels and sell energy back to the grid.

To base one’s view of the whole political future of Scotland on such relatively narrow issues seems truly bizarre.

As always with closet Little Englanders, both fail to understand, wilfully or otherwise, that other small (and in the case of Germany extremely large) European countries manage sophisticated energy policies based on renewables and using domestic solar panels.

But it is the customary collective and selective myopia of the Unionist camp that prevents them seeing beyond Dover. I am never clear how such people imagine that Germany managed reunification or, for example, Czechoslovakia dealt with dividing. These and no doubt thousands of other matters, great and small, will be sorted out in the days after independence. None of it is rocket science.

It is like the absurd rantings of Home Secretary Theresa May about border controls. If they are established, it will be entirely to do with the political and cultural backwardness of the English in refusing to sign up to the Schengen Agreement on free movement. Personally, I believe if they want to throw up a Berlin Wall at Carter Bar, let them. This will serve to complete the political and cultural isolation of the English from Europe, and they can sail away across the Atlantic and join their neo-Conservative American friends.

Incidentally, before anyone accuses me of xenophobia, I am an English émigré who is proud and honoured to live in his adopted homeland. Wild horses would not get me back south of the border.

Richard West

Inch Park