Listening to the voice of Newtown

Readers of your columns (Gunn criticises council over lack of proper consultation on Newtown expansion plans, Southern, September 22) will have noticed the stark contrast between two of our local representatives.

On the one hand, Councillor Kenneth Gunn recognises the considerable efforts Newtown and Eildon Community Council has put into liaising with planners and developers, and he calls for council officials and others to take much greater notice of the people who actually live in Newtown. Mr Gunn refers to his findings on the doorstep in Newtown, clearly takes a close interest in village matters and is fully supportive of the community council’s sustained efforts to have villagers’ voices heard.

Councillor Carolyn Riddell-Carre, however, as usual throws her caustic remarks about with the random indifference of a council gritting machine.

The efforts of community council I’m-all-right-Jack Nimbys – we know who we are – are dismissed as “constant carping”.

As executive member for planning, one might expect Mrs Riddell-Carre to be the linchpin of our dealings with planners and other parties. But her interest in Newtown appears to have declined in recent years and she has not been at a single community council meeting since 2007.

Raymond du Bois

Tweedside Road

Newtown St Boswells