List of roadworks due in and around the Borders

Galashiels: Bank Street and High Street SGN gas main replacement and SBC resurfacing schedule.

Part 1 – SGN Works – Closure 1: To March 8, the closure will be carried out in two sections: Section 1: Bank Street – from its junction with Bank Street Brae to its junction with Overhaugh Street. Section 2: High Street – from its junction with Overhaugh Street to its junction with Sime Place. Alternative Route – A7 and A72 through traffic: Eastbound via Braw Lads’ Brae, George Craig Bridge, Currie Road, Ladhope Vale, Bridge Place, Bridge Street and Sime Place. Alternative – local traffic: eastbound via Bank Street Brae, Livingstone Place, Scott Street, Gala Park, Hall Street, Island Street, Bridge Place, Bridge Street and Sime Place.

To March 20: Overhaugh Street from Bank Close to High Street. No alternative.

Reverse of One-way Order: While Section 2 closure is in effect, the One-way Order on Bank Street from Bank Street Brae to Overhaugh Street reversed for access only. To March 20 from Overhaugh Street to Bank Street reversed for access only.

No Waiting: Parking prohibited until March 20: High Street/Bank Street – lay-by outside chip shop. High Street – southwest side from Sime Place to bus stop. St John Street – both sides (extend existing no waiting for 10m). Livingstone Place – both sides (extend existing no waiting for 10mins). Hall Street – both sides (extend existing no waiting for 10m). Gala Park – northeast side from Kirkbrae to Balmoral Place. Parking prohibited to March 20: Bank Street from number 35 to 54 and 10 to 31. Restrictions only when indicated by signs and/or cones.

24-hour closure on Glenfield Road West from Glenfield Road East to Glenfield Court until March 20 to replace water main. No alternative route. Residents’ access maintained.

Rescind One Way: The following roads will have the One Way Orders rescinded until tomorrow (March 6). High Street – From its junction with Sime Place to its junction with High Street CarPark East entrance. High Street Car Park – Eastern & Western Access. Bridge Street (For local access only). Sime Place (For local access only).

Closure: – C20 Borthwickshields to Blawearie (two days) and C20 The Laird of the Linns to Essenside Bridge (three days) will be closed from March 9-13 due to patching works. Alternative Route – Northbound via – C20, B711, A7, C19 and C20 to point of closure, Southbound via – The above in reverse.