Limpers defy the harsh elements

The Beast From The East, or at least one of them, may have returned last weekend '“ but did not hinder the training plans of Lauderdale Limpers runners preparing for the forthcoming John Muir Way Ultra this month.

Friday, 23rd March 2018, 9:20 am
Lauderdale Limpers on the snowy hills.

Blizzard conditions and temperatures below freezing just meant a few extra layers for the brave souls heading out on last Saturday morning’s training run, from the Spotty Dog in Lauder up to Dabs Head and back.

Meanwhile on Sunday,wind chill and more freezing snow didn’t deter Sheila D’Andrea, who headed to Dalkeith for another 10 miles (just for good measure), Gillian Millar, who hurdled over snowdrifts get her mileage done, and Kate Henderson, who decided a bracing run over the Eildons was the best way to tackle the extra miles, while the blizzard from the east hit the top of the hill!The annual 50km John Muir Ultra Marathon follows East Lothian’s stunning

coastline from Port Seaton Promenade to Foxlake Adventures, Dunbar and takes place on March 31.

Pictured, from left, are Laura Frizzel, Jenny Hartley, Susan Sutherland, Senga Plain, Jude Wilkinson and Anne Lillico, with dogs Bud and Oscar.