Lights out for another year

At long last the weather has broken and we have been able to take down the last of Earlston’s Christmas lights and put away the nativity. Switch-on was again hugely successful with input from our minister Julie and the primary school singing carols.

Our band, from Jedburgh, made a great sound coming down the High Street with Santa resplendent on his sleigh. We raised more than £500 towards the lights.

Our tree was again donated by Disney Barlow and the picking and cutting down of the tree is a fun day for all, especially when you are up to your knees in mud.

The future of the Christmas lights is not in doubt but unless we can change all our lights to LEDs in the very near future we will be unable to fund the electric bills. The string of lights from the White Swan to the health centre costs £100 for four weeks – with LEDs this would drop to £8.

We are applying for grants and hopefully the Earlston lights will be a sureity for years to come.

Thanks again to everybody who helped from the cups of coffee when we were putting the lights up to the pennies in the buckets. Have a great summer and see you in October putting them up again.

Harry Cummings

Chair, Earlston Lighting Group