Lesson from Japan on wind turbines

My elder son Gareth is a teacher in Japan, initially in the city of Sendai, but for the past three years in Tokyo. His girlfriend Veronica is also a teacher in the city. Both love their life and work, and had planned to spend a year or two more there, before moving on. However, as I write, they are now on plane bound for Veronica’s home in Sydney, where they will stay for the next two weeks or so, at which point, hopefully, they will be able to make the decision regarding a return to the city.

For many years, my wife Jean and I have been strong supporters of alternative, and more natural, sources of electricity generation than nuclear. After our experience of the past few days, to anyone who bemoans the development of wind turbines in the Borders, we would both, with a single voice, give one simple response “Fukushima Daiichi”.

Des Eggie

Millburn House, Swinton