Leaving themselves out of the loop

Some councillors have been moaning that they don’t know what’s happening at their Newtown St Boswells headquarters.

Hawick’s George Turnbull is a seasoned campaigner who has been round the block a few times at both the two-tier and single-level local government system. But he’s unhappy that pupils at Broomlands Primary School in Kelso were told they were likely to get a new building before he was.

From what’s doing the rounds, apparently he’s not alone and Broomlands isn’t the only issue that’s making some of our elected members unhappy.

Councillors of George Turnbull’s vintage cut their teeth in the cut and thrust of a proper committee system that saw some pretty heated exchanges in the local authority chambers.

There was proper debate and decisions were made by councillors – often much to the ire of officials who had seen their recommendations rejected.

It now appears that too often not all councillors are fully embraced in the decision-making process. That is both lamentable and unfair to the electorate – as well as the councillor.

However, councillors have tongues in their heads. George Turnbull is correct in being upset.

But if councillors have taken their eyes so much off the ball that a classload of kids know what’s happening before they do, then surely it is time for some soul-searching and questions to be asked.