Learning to inspire every one of us

Having a good start in life often sets one on the road to fulfilment and happiness.

But for some, their child and adolescent existence can be tough – even traumatic, increasing the hurdles they must clear to attain achivement in adulthood.

So, for those who make their mark in later life after overcomi ng various difficulties, the Borders Adult Learners’ Awards are an ideal platform for recognition.

The Southern is delighted to report on this exceptional group’s achievements and, while these covered a variety of categories, the individuals concerned all had a common purpose – to overcome obstacles to boost job prospects, quality of life and reach a level of personal achievement.

The efforts of the overall winner – Lynsey Scott – typify what was required to turn their lives around.

From a rebellious teenager faced with bereavements and health issues, she has now set her sights on becoming a social worker. No doubt these earlier life experiences will stand her in good stead when she has to help others’ with their problems.

The award winners’ achievements should act as an inspiration to us all. They demonstrate that despite drawbacks in life, hard work can make our time on this planet both rewarding and recognised.

Adult learners – we salute you.