Leading the world

It makes my blood boil to read of the attempt to mislead Borderers by our local Tory MSP in last week’s Southern.

John Lamont refers to the ambitious and progressing renewable energy programme of the Scottish Government as a “wind energy policy”, completely ignoring the internationally-acclaimed work being carried out on Orkney, where massive steps are being taken in wave, tidal and offshore wind technology.

Scotland is a world leader in this research and when the full potential is reached in the mid-2020s, it will give the country a source of both power and income that will be a balanced sustainable resource for future generations. Renewable energy has the potential to create thousands of jobs in research, engineering and technical advice.

He then suggests that the reason large companies are making onshore wind turbine planning applications is due to Scottish Government policies.

We all know the reason for the number of applications – the huge subsidies paid out by the Conservative government in Westminster.

The truth is that Scotland has a well-laid-out plan for energy generation and Westminster does not have clue how it can keep the lights on.

Coal-fired power stations are being outlawed due to their emissions, gas is becoming ever more expensive because they have plundered and sold off our own stocks, and the French are jacking up the price of building new nuclear plants to the point where they are no longer affordable. The latest brainwave is to send Chancellor George Osborne to China to see if they can build a power plant for us on the cheap.

I did see a handful of protesters at Perth during the SNP conference on Saturday afternoon.

Although they had every right to demonstrate, the lack of numbers who turned up back up my position – most Scots know when they are being misled by inaccurate assertions from London-based parties who are simply bleeding Scotland dry to bolster the lifestyles of a privileged few in the City.

Councillor Jim Brown