Leader Miliband’s hypocrisy

With new analysis by the Taxpayers’ Alliance suggesting subsidies to “green” generators will top £22billion by 2020 – costing each British household an extra £425 over the next six years – we must be clear that the reason the fat-cat energy giants can reap such sums is because Labour leader Ed Miliband gave them the tools to do so when he was Energy Secretary under Gordon Brown.

What utter hypocrisy that he now intends to freeze utility bills for 20 months if Labour wins the general election in 2015, while avoiding any pledge to unravel the very policy framework that drives price rises in the first place.

As energy regulator Ofgem also warns of the increasing likelihood of blackouts in the near future due to an electricity supply crunch, it is worth remembering that the £22billion we will have spent by 2020 – mostly on giant, industrial wind turbines – would build three state-of-the-art, third-generation nuclear reactors, including full waste disposal and decommissioning costs.

Instead, we see turbine developers encouraged to build ever more costly, inefficient developments that will do nothing to cut CO2 emissions, all the while spurred on by a toxic combination of Mr Miliband’s past mistakes and the SNP Government’s own narrow-minded fixation on wind renewables.

What we’re left with is an energy policy that will neither deliver sufficient electricity to power Scotland sustainably, nor enough carbon reductions to tackle climate change.

Struan Stevenson

(Scottish Conservative MEP)