Lauder’s Jamie cleaning up region’s act

Jamie Simpson cleaning a sign at Oxton.
Jamie Simpson cleaning a sign at Oxton.

A proud Borderer has made it his mission to clean up the region’s act by ridding road signs at entrances to its towns and villages of dirt.

The window-cleaner’s busy work schedule means that he’s constantly travelling across the Borders in his company van, and one of the frustrations he encounters most often are dirty road signs located on the approaches to the towns and villages he works in.

In addition to being unsightly, signs are sometimes difficult to decipher because of the amount of dirt on them, he says.

A few weeks ago, Mr Simpson, born and raised in Lauder, decided to act by launching a one-man campaign to clean up the Borders, using his spare time to wash the road signs as a thank-you to the communities he serves.

Most of that work is done on his day off, usually Saturdays, and he hits the road from 6am.

Towns and villages he has targeted so far have include Earlston, Greenlaw, Melrose, Darnick, Tweedbank, St Boswells, Oxton and Lauder, with Newtown and Galashiels also in his sights.

His efforts are not restricted to road signs, however.

If he’s passing signs for cemeteries or schools and thinks they need a spruce-up, he’ll stop and do just that.

The 26-year-old said: “It’s something I decided to do in my spare time to thank the communities I serve for the support they have shown me. The response to what I am doing from those communities has been overwhelmingly positive.

“These dirty road signs really do my head in. I really can’t deal with them.

“They are the first thing you see when you enter a town or village, and they should be spotless.

“I’m not trying to show anyone up by doing this. It’s just my way of giving something back to these communities.

“After cleaning the entrance signs in Greenlaw and seeing how well it was received, we decided to roll it out to the rest of the catchment area we work in, as a our way of saying thanks to our regular windows customers.

“I believe you can’t take without giving.”